Did you buy Cody Simpson's EP? And new album secrets!


Hey M Girls!

Cody Simpson's EP 4 U hit iTunes yesterday and fans are loving it! When Cody stopped by the M offices last week, he dished to us exclusively about the album:

M: Are you nervous about fans hearing the new music? Cody: I'm not nervous at all. I'm so excited for my fans to be able to hear some new music. There are five tracks on it. Well, the EP is called, "4 U" and there are five tracks on it, including "iYiYi." I'm so excited to be able to share some new music with everybody.

M: What song do you think is the most personal song off the album? Cody: The most personal song is probably "Don't Cry Your Heart Out." It's about a girl that is being treated badly by another guy or something, and then you're kind of saying don't cry your heart out because I'm here for you.

M: Did you write that? Cody: I wrote that with somebody else. I co-wrote it.

M: Did you draw from something in your own life? Cody: It wasn't about anybody in particular, but I like being able to sing songs that people can understand what I'm saying and that people can relate to.

Cool! And guess what? Cody announced awesome news on his Twitter--that if his EP goes #5 on the iTunes top charts, he will pick 5 random fans to personally call up himself! Wow!

Let's dish: -Did you buy Cody's EP? Do you want to?

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