Discover Your Inner Wild Animal!

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1. You had planned to meet your buds at the beach, but a storm hits! You:

  • invite your pals over for an at-home spa day, complete with manicures and facials!
  • are relieved that you don't have to wear a revealing bathing suit. Whew!
  • ask your crush to come over because you're scared of lightning. What a plan!
  • play in the rain. If you can't go to the beach, you might as well still get wet!

2.Your absolute dream summer vacation would be spent:

  • on a tropical island with five of your closest pals. Beach, boys, sun ... oh my!
  • on the couch, where else? A pint of Ben & Jerry's, the TV remote, and you're set!
  • in Europe, and you already have plans to go. Everything's set except the suitcases!
  • goofing around with your friends on a crazy road trip. The fun never stops!

3. The TV character who resembles you the most is:

  • super-popular Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place. She's got style and loads of friends!
  • laid-back and sweet Sonny from Sonny With A Chance. She goes with the flow and rarely stresses!
  • boy-crazy London on The Suite Life on Deck. She's fierce and always goes after what she wants!h
  • wacky and off-the-wall Hannah Montana! She totally cracks people up!

4. Your BFF is having a pool party, and your crush will be there! You wear:

  • your hot pink bikini with a yellow miniskirt. In these brights, all eyes will be on you!
  • shorts and a T-shirt. You'll be comfy!
  • your blue two-piece suit. It's not your fave, but your crush loves that color!
  • your huge, floppy red hat. It'll shield your face from the sun, and it'll look hilarious!

5. Your crush calls and asks you on a date! He lets you pick, so you suggest:

  • that your friends and his friends go out together. Group dates are always more fun!
  • a quiet movie-and-pizza night in. It's way cheaper, and it will be a lot cozier!
  • that he come to the Jonas Brothers concert with you. You have an extra ticket!
  • bungee jumping! You can't wait to try it, and your 'rents said it's OK. Live on the edge!

6. Summer camp is in full swing, and there's a huge talent show! You:

  • snag your best buds to be back-up dancers while you perform Demi Lovato's "La La Land."
  • sit and watch from the audience. You'd rather die than make a fool of yourself!
  • perfected your song and dance rountine before camp started! You're going to win!
  • dress up like a banana and tell funny fruit jokes. You know you're destined for comedy!

7.Before you head back to school again in the fall, you hope:

  • that you become friends with the new girl next door. She seems really cool!
  • you finally learn how to rollerblade. Now that it's summer, you actually have the time!
  • that your crush falls madly in love with you, so you can return to school an item!
  • you have quite a few wild and crazy adventures to tell all your friends about!

Mostly A's: Toucan

Are you sure you don't have wings and a beak? Like the toucan, a tropical bird that always flies in flocks, you're super-social and popular to boot! You love to be noticed, and with your colorful fashion sense, you always are!

Mostly B's: Elephant

You're laid-back and even a bit shy, just like the elephant. You don't let silly problems stress you out. Similar to the elephant that follows the herd, you're a total go-with-the-flow type of gal!

Mostly C's: Tiger

Whoa there, tiger! Just like the brave tiger that carefully hunts its prey, you try to think of every possible tactic to get what you want, including your crush. You're super-ambitious, so you're bound for success!

Mostly D's: Monkey

You love to goof around, just like the playful monkey! You're a true class clown. Your friends can't sit in the same room with you for even five minutes without busting a gut!

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