Do you think Selena's song "Bang Bang Bang" is about Nick Jonas?


Hey M Girls!

Selena's new song "Bang Bang Bang" is totally catchy--we love it! But something that's on our mind while listening to the lyrics is how much the words hint to Justin and Nick. The lyrics about meeting someone new and "better" could be about her meeting Justin Bieber, and a diss to her ex Nick Jonas. Check out some of the lyrics: My new boy... He's got more swagger than you, he's got more swagger than you do.

He's not hiding me, he's showing me off you know?

My new boy, gets it how to get me, his love is deeper, you know, he's a real keeper, you know, bang, bang, bang I'm breaking in
, stealing all my love back, giving it to him
bang, bang, bang, this time I win, 
I thought your love was all that,
 'til I let him in


Wow! We know that Justin is known to have "swag" -- he even has a swag coach, so that line could definitely be about JB. Plus, when Selena was with Nick, they kept their relationship pretty secretive and were tight-lipped about everything, while her and Justin have been photographed together and Justin has said sweet stuff about Sel to the public.

Here's the song in full:

So let's dish: -What do you think? Do you think "Bang Bang Bang" is about Justin and Nick? Do you think Nick should be mad?

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