Do you think Zendaya's "Swag It Out" video is similar to "Baby One More Time"?


Hey M Girls!

We're totally loving Zendaya's catchy tune in her new single "Swag It Out" -- it's def been stuck in our heads -- but in a good way LOL! Her video is super-fun too, but it did remind us a lot of another music video we love...Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time"! We'll break down the similarities: -Brit and Zendaya's videos both start with a school bell ringing and them in a classroom setting -Zendaya dances in a school courtyard just like Britney does -When Zendaya goes back inside school to dance in the dance class, she's wearing a yellow top..that looks like Britney Spear's yellow top she wore when she goes back to dance in the school gym! -Both videos end with Zendaya and Britney Spears "waking up" from a dream of them dancing and singing in school

Check out the videos so you can compare:

Interesting! So let's dish: -Do you think Zendaya's video is a lot like Britney Spears' vid? Which video do you like better? Do you like "Swag It Out"?

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Photo courtesy Zendaya Coleman

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