Sharing Her Truth: Dove Cameron Opens Up About How She Copes With Anxiety

Dove cameron anxiety


Dove Cameron is known to always be so honest with her fans and she's often dishing out some much needed life advice on her social media accounts. Being the ever so lovely voice of wisdom she is, she took to Twitter to open up about something she personally struggles with in order to help her many fans: anxiety.

Dove Cameron Anxiety

Dove then got into the details of it all, saying she doesn't ever hide her anxiety, but instead has learned how to properly manage it so she can live her best life.

Dove Cameron Anxiety 2

And of course she gave her own helpful tips too.

Dove Cameron Anxiety 4

She felt comfortable enough to share her personal story because frankly, anxiety isn't something that people should be afraid to talk about.

Dove Cameron Anxiety 3

The actress started a real conversation with her Twitter followers that perfectly shows how she's constantly using her platform to help as many people as she can. Like other stars, Dove bravely speaking about her own issues that others can relate to is truly special.

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