XOXO: Dove Cameron Confirms She Is Dating Thomas Doherty

After tons of flirty tweets, adorable selfies, romantic trips and meaningful jewelry exchanges, Dove Cameron has FINALLY set the record straight and confirmed she is dating Thomas Doherty. CUE THE SQUEALS!

The starlet stopped by People Now and was flat out asked what exactly is going on between the Descendants 2 co-stars, and she of course just had to fess up that these two are an official item.

"We're dating. I’m keeping it sort of like, we’re keeping it to ourselves, because everything is just so more romantic and real when it's yours, when it's private. So we are keeping the details to ourselves, but yeah, we’re dating," she said.

Although they weren't necessarily keeping things super quiet, they're not going to be sharing ever little detail of this new romance, which is understandable. Dove went through a very public split from Ryan McCartan back in October of 2016. Since they were a couple who were so open about their relationship — and it's downfall — with their fans, perhaps Dove has since realized that might not be the best, at least when a relationship is first starting out.

As for how much Dove and Thomas actually get to see each other, since he resides in London and she lives in California, she said they simply just take the time to make it work.

"It’s not too bad, we are both working and we are busy humans. It’s nice. We can chunk out visiting, and you work out the time difference. When I’m waking up, he’s going to sleep, and it’s nice. It’s not too bad. We make an effort. It’s interesting, things like that make you make an effort," Dove explained.

Remember when Thomas came to see Dove slay her role as Amber in Hairspray Live! and her recent trip to the UK to meet his friends and spend time with her bae before they both went into work mode? Seriously, these two are already major couple goals. Since they met on-set of the upcoming D2 DCOM, everyone wants to know if it was love at first sight. The movie was filmed in Vancouver during the summer of 2016 when Dove was still engaged to Ryan, but she admits her relationship with Thomas blossomed over time so sparks didn't fly right away.

"It was not right away. It was one of those natural evolutions type thing, but you know, again, I’m going to sort of stay tight-lipped about that. But he’s a lovely, lovely, lovely person," she said.

So Dove is going to keep the big details to herself, but one thing we know for sure is that she really seems the happiest she's been in a long time. If Thomas is a part of that happiness, then good for you girl. We'll just be here waiting for more cute selfies and who knows, maybe they'll even walk the red carpet at the Descendants 2 premiere. WHAT. A. TIME.

What do you think about Dove's big confession? Sound off in the comments section below and click through the gallery to see all of their cutest pics together so far!

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