Aww: The 'Liv and Maddie' Cast Spills Behind-the-Scenes Secrets Leading Up to the Series Finale

Liv and maddie

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Although our hearts are seriously breaking over the fact that the curtains are officially closing on Liv and Maddie, we have a lot to look forward to before saying goodbye for good. The last episode, titled "End-a-Rooney," airs this upcoming Friday, March 24 at 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time – and Dove Cameron exclusively told M what we can expect from the jam-packed episode.

"All of the questions are answered. All of the storylines are tied up. It's really lovely. I'm really happy with the way they ended it." Dove exclusively tells us.

Lucky for us, the cast is giving us a dose of nostalgia to keep us going until the series finale. In behind-the-scenes lips that Disney Channel released on their official Instagram account, the cast spilled about everything from what the first day on set was like to what they hope the fans take away from the show.

Disney Channel kicked off their series of clips with a video of Tenzing Trainor describing his first day on set. And in true TV sibling fashion, Dove stuck by his side for the entire interview. Not to mention – the fact that she licked his ear while he was talking leads us to believe they're more like brother and sister IRL than we thought.

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"My first day on set was, um – it was uh, it was weird. I had never done anything like it before, but it was a blast. Everyone there made it a blast – Dove, Joey, Kali. Not really Ben, but it's alright. He tried. No, it was amazing. And it was the start to every day being the best day ever," Tenzing said.

As for Dove, her first day was definitely filled with the jitters.

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"I had no idea what to expect, and I also – I didn't think I could do it. And I was sort like, 'You guys don't want to test this theory first? You guys don't want to just like try it out maybe?' But um, we went for it! We went for a full series. I prepared for a long time for it. And I watched a lot of movies and shows where one girl was playing twins, like The Parent Trap and The Patty Duke Show," the Disney Channel darling said.

Wow, that's super impressive!

"I had journals for the characters – and I remember showing up to work that day and being like, 'OK, here we go! This is a thing! They're trusting me with this. I have to trust myself with this.'"

It comes to no surprise that the Descendants 2 actress did a lot of preparing for her twinning Liv and Maddie roles, as she truly did a fantastic job these past four seasons.

"I learned so much about being able to fluidly switch between two characters, which is an incredible exercise as an actor. But I also like learned how to like be a good friend. And like, be a good daughter and sister and, you know, friend! I learned how to be a better person," the Hairspray Live! star gushed.

For Joey Bragg, it's really important to him that Liv and Maddie viewers take away the meaningful lessons that the show taught in each episode.

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"I hope the fans have gotten, kind of, the messages that we've sometimes put into scripts either subtly or on top for all to see – because there are so many messages that seemed so obsolete when I was first reading the script. But like, where we are now in this world – they are so relevant. And there are so many messages about, you know, women empowerment and stuff like that that I think are so important for kids to get at a young age and absorb – so that when they grow up, it seems weird not to believe that," Joey said.

So sweet! We just love how much this beloved Disney Channel show meant to the cast. They sure will always cherish it long after the last episode airs – and we will too!


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