Exclusive: Dove Cameron & Ryan McCartan Share Their Band The Girl and the Dreamcatcher's Song-Writing Secrets

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan are obviously one of the cutest couples around, but together, they also form the musical duo, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. When we caught up with the pair during their show at the New Jersey Balloon Festival, they dished all about what their songwriting process is like and how they came up with the tunes on their debut EP, *Negatives.

"I write everything. He just kind of sits there<" Dove joked exclusively it [M]. "No, he's the most brilliant writer, lyricist."

"Aww, that's very sweet of you," Ryan chimed in. "If we had to break it down, her moms a poet, so she's a brilliant writer, she's more of the lyricist and I'm more of the composer. I play guitar and have a pretty good understanding of music. She comes up with a lot of great top lines for the melody, or I'll come up with some lyrics too. It always starts with a concept like 'Monster' or 'What do I have to do make you stay?' so it always starts with a concept, and then we find a melody and then we plug the lyrics in. That's kind of how it goes. But honestly, our process is very fluid and different every time."

So Ryan is very much like the playmaker, crating the actual music and Dove comes up with the words that fit perfectly with these melodies, but Ryan does have a hand in the crafting up the perfect lyrics too. It's obviously a team effort from these two, but there is one secret ingredient to all of their songs: macaroni and cheese.

"I think 'Monster' took us four hours to write while 'Gladiator' took 6 months," Dove told us. "It really is different every time, the only constant is mac and cheese. You know how you to go Whole Foods and you're like, 'I'm eating so healthy,' but you can still find anything unhealthy anywhere. We spend like half our paycheck there and then we go write a song."

Who would've thought this delicious treat is what help the couple with their songs?! If you ever find yourself with a case of writer's block, it looks like mac and cheese it totally the key to getting over it.

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