Catch Ya Later: Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty Spend the Most Romantic Day of the Year Apart


Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty are easily one of the most buzzed out unconfirmed couples of the moments. It's pretty clear there is something special going on between these two, from Dove heading out to London to visit her bae and him literally giving his Descendants 2 co-star his heart on a lovely bracelet. Since yesterday was Valentine's Day — one of the most romantic days of the year — everyone was wondering if these lovebirds would be spending some time together. Well, it looks like both Thomas and Dove found themselves other V-Day dates. Awkward. Sort of.

It all began when Thomas — who is currently working on season two of his Disney Channel series The Lodge — took to Twitter to officially accept a valentine proposal from his co-star Luke Newton. Thomas happily accepted, and apologized to Dove.

OK, now this is all types of amazing that Luke, who plays Ben on the show, totally called dibs on having Thomas as his valentine. But it looks like Thomas was in high demand, since he also posted a photo of his V-Day dinner date with his dad.

This might just be the cutest. As for Dove, well she was busy falling in love with New York City. The starlet spent the holiday in the Big Apple, since she was in town for Fashion Week. And she simply looked as happy as ever.

Seriously, Dove is radiating love, positivity, sunshine and everything that is happy in the world. She went on to say NYC has completely stolen her heart and she really doesn't want to leave.

Wonder how Thomas feels about that! Oh and in case you were wondering what else was part of the Liv and Maddie starlet's romantic day in the city, she ended up spending the night crying while watching videos of couples she doesn't personally know getting engaged.

Since Dove was once engaged herself, this tweet has a bit of a deeper meaning, since it's clear she simply loves love and perhaps even shed some tears when she was proposed to. But Dove has said she is the happiest right now in her life, more than she's ever been before so ending Valentine's Day in a puddle of her own tears isn't really a bad thing. It's just want she needed.

What do you think about Dove and Thomas' Valentine's Day festivities? Sound-off in the comments section below!

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