XOXO: Dove Cameron Shares Her Best Love Advice On Twitter

Dove cameron love tweets


It's no secret Dove Cameron is known for dishing out some serious life advice to her fans on Twitter every now and then and has basically prove she's a fountain of wisdom. This time around, Dove decided to share her thoughts on the all important topic of love and relationships, saying that's perfectly fine for someone to throw in the towel in a relationship if his or her partner doesn't love them fully.

That actually is solid message, since no relationship should ever feel one sided. She even replied to a fan who asked her what to do if she happens to love her significant other a whole lot, to while Dove reminded her self-love should always triumph.

Dove Cameron Love Advice Tweet

OK, Dove is really speaking to everyone's souls right now, but of course, what immediately comes to mind is the fact that the Liv and Maddie actress had a rather public split from her former fiancé Ryan McCartan back in October of 2016. So was this message inspired by the end of her romance with Ryan?

Dove Cameron Ryan McCartan

Well, let's break down the fact. They both had said on Twitter that there is still much love and respect between them and Ryan even revealed that he and Dove were friendly enough to exchange text messages here and there. That was not too long after the split, and although they have since gone their separate ways and no longer follow each other on social media, it seems like things couldn't have ended too badly. And looking at the lyrics from Ryan's new song "When You Went Away," he seems to have loved Dove deeply. So perhaps Dove isn't speaking directly from that specific experience, but just from what she's learned overall from her life so far. And that's nothing but respectable!

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