Emma Watson on the Key to Achieving Your Goals


In a recent interview with GQ, Emma Watson revealed her secret -- she's worked really, really hard to get where she is right now. She doesn't use her money to "buy Mexico" or fly "from pole to pole and back again," she has normal relationships with non-famous guys, and when she sets her heart on something, she doesn't stop until she's put in a great amount of work. Basically, she's awesome: 

"I really believe that you have to earn things. I don't feel comfortable unless I have worked really hard. I worked hard to get Hermione, and my mum has a video I did for the first audition and she has me doing the same take over and over, like 27 times from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon and I was just relentless. I wasn't sure I wanted to act, but I was sure I wanted this part."

Photo from GQ
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