Exclusive Pics! M takes you on the Allure of Taylor Swift cruise!


Hey M Girls!

M Editor Brittany here and I've been DYING to share with you exclusive pics and videos from the Royal Caribbean cruise I went on last week. I was on the biggest cruise ship in the world, the Allure of the Seas...and the best part? Taylor put on a LIVE concert on the cruise's awesome AquaTheater on Friday night, after a week of Taylor-themed events on board! Here's a recap of what went down during the week:

Here's the ship--it holds over 5,400 people and has a rock climbing wall, ice skating rink, wave runners, and a basketball court! So cool!

On Wednesday, the ship called it "Taylor Swift Day" and a ton of contests were held all day to give away tickets to Friday's concert. One of the funnest to go to was the "Taylor Look Alike Contest," where tons of people tried to dress up like Tay (the funniest were older men wearing wigs and dresses!). Check out the pics from the contest:

Here's the top 3 -- who do you think looks the most like Taylor?

The winner! She was a huge Taylor fan and was shaking when the announcement was made--yay!

Here's the 2nd runner up, Courtney (I was sitting next to her grandma during the competition, and she was very excited!!) --All 3 girls got tickets to the concert and a copy of Taylor's new CD--awesome!

Here's the 3rd winner up with her little sister, who also came in 2nd place in the Taylor karaoke contest!

Then it was to another game--Taylor song trivia! They played the first 2 seconds for 15 of Taylor's songs and teams had to write down the correct song. So fun! My team had a perfect score, but since we already had tickets, we didn't enter the bonus round. Check out how crowded it was!

Wow! Imagine winning free tickets? So awesome! Then, on Friday, Taylor arrived in Mexico and got ready for her concert. Here's her band doing soundcheck (Tay was upstairs at the Royalty Suite getting ready!).

Here's Tay!!

Check out more pics after the jump! Also, check back here later tonight for exclusive videos from the concert! Woohoo!

So let's dish: -What do you think about the cruise? Who would you love to see perform on a cruise? Would you love to see Tay perform?


Here's M Editor Brittany!



And some girls decorated their cruise doors!

sign edited.jpg

And balconies!

signs edited.jpg

Before Tay came out on stage, people were tweeting about it! So fun!


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