Exclusive premiere of Liana Conway's new music video for "Free"!


Hey M Girls!

We've been loving Liana Conway since she first stopped by the M office -- this 22-year old songwriter and singer is super-talented! She just finished her music video for new single "Free", and it's exclusively premiering here first!

Liana says of the song: "This song is a really special one for me. We all have that summer that swoops in and changes us forever. For me it was last summer. I stopped second guessing myself, I let go of people frommy past that haunted me, I learned to love myself, I finallylearned how beautiful it is to be on your own...no boys! I let myself go in whatever direction my heart pulled me. I figured out that the key to true happiness is not allowing yourself to go backwards or forwards, the only place you need to be is right here, right now. And most importantly, I finally understood that people are going to form an opinion of you no matter what, so why not just be YOU. That's what this song means to me."

Awesome! Check it out:

Liana had a blast filming the video. She tells M: "I had the most fun filming the video for 'Free'. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to. It describes my summer (and ME) to a T....free spirited."

Thanks for sharing!

Let's dish: -Are you a fan of Liana Conway? What do you think of her new music video?

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