Exclusive Vid: Ke$ha rocks out at Casio's Shock the World event!


Hey M Girls!

This week, I got to go to Casio's event in NYC, where Ke$ha is the new face of Baby-G watches! Ke$ha, a fan of the watch line as a teen, even got to design a few styles! So cool.

After the event, Ke$ha performed a couple of her songs -- and she was covered in glitter and wearing shiny clothes! Check out some of "Tik Tok":

Make sure to check out Baby-G watch line and look for a giveaway in future issues of M to win one like Ke$ha's!

Let's dish: -What do you think of Ke$ha? Are you a fan?

Comment back!! And in the August issue of M, check out cool Ke$ha scoop--including the softer side of her!

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