First Look: Tonight's Brand New Episode of Pretty Little Liars!


What will the "A" team do next?

Hey M Girls!

Our fave mystery show, Pretty Little Liars, is finally back with a new episode tonight! We've barely been able to wait after all of the OMG moments of last week's ep. Hanna and Caleb called it quits in a super-sad scene, it was revealed that "A" blackmailed Melissa into showing up at the ball as the black swan and we also learned that "A" could really be anywhere at anytime -- even across the country!

This week: Jenna is throwing a birthday party -- and she's letting everyone in on the fact that she can see! The Liars are going to have a mysterious run in with the police and there seem to be some problems ahead for Ezria. Oh no! Watch the clips below and see what's ahead for yourself!

"Jenna's Birthday Party"
"Problems for Ezra?"
"Paging the Police?"

Make sure to watch tonight's episode at 8/7c on ABC Family!

Let's dish: -What do you think Jenna is up to? Do you think that and Caleb will ever get back together? Do you think Aria and Ezra make a good couple?

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