First pic: Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber in the studio together!


Hey M Girls!

OMG -- talk about a long-awaited pic! Cody Simpson took to his Twitter last night to post this pic of him and Justin in the studio and tweeted:

So awesome! Although blogs are reporting that the two are working on a song called "Beach Bodies", when we talked to Cody just last week he exclusively told us that wasn't the title of the song.

"What? I've never even heard that!" Cody laughed to us. "Thanks for letting me know, I've never heard the title before...that's not it." So could he give us any hints to the correct title? "No, I can't tell you yet...sorry!" Cody tells only M. No worries, Cody -- we're sure it'll be worth the wait!

Let's dish: -Are you happy that Justin and Cody are working together? Who do you like better -- Cody or Justin?

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