Funny video behind-the-scenes of One Direction's Pepsi commercial!


Hey M Girls!

Earlier this month, One Direction and NFL quarterback, Drew Brees, teamed up to promote Pepsi in a commercial, forming a spoof band called "1DB." This time, we get to see a hilarious behind-the-scenes skit of the fake band (and also some funny footage our our fave guys!) -- it features their hit song, "Live While We're Young."

The five boys jokingly make comments about the NFL player "joining" the boy band. Harry Styles says, "It's awful. He's too big, he takes up too much space, and he can't hold a tune."

To hear what the rest of the 1D guys have to say, watch the totally LOL video below:

Let's dish: -What do you Directioners think of the clip? Do you think the boys are funny?

Photo courtesy of Nickelodeon

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