ADVICE: G Hannelius Encourages Girls to Be 'Loud and Proud!'


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G Hannelius plays Avery on Disney Channel's Dog With a Blog, so she knows all about the pressures of school and fitting in. G's character Avery is a total perfectionist who never wants to break the rules or let anyone down. Like tons of girls, even Avery has a bit of trouble feeling comfortable in her skin. Luckily, we sat down with the DWAB star, G, and she shared some of her best "be yourself" advice with M.

"I would say it's always good to be yourself," G explains to M. "My mom always says, 'be loud and proud!' I love that!"


On Dog With a Blog, Avery always embraces who she is. She knows her strengths and plays to them: she's artistic and incredibly smart. But in real life, G tries to be "loud and proud" too, by recognizing that she's an amazing nail artist and actor. Those are the unique characteristics that set G apart from everybody else, so why shouldn't she be totally "loud and proud" about them?

"I think that's something every teenage girl should know: be loud, be proud, and be confident!" G says.

Don't forget to watch the season 2 premiere of Dog With a Blog on Disney Channel this Friday, 8:30 PST. Tell us in the comments — what are you loud and proud about?

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