LOL: G Hannelius Shares a Pic from Her Circus Class!

G hannelius circus class shoulder sit1


If G Hannelius ever decides she doesn't want to star on Disney Channel's Dog With a Blog anymore, she can always run away with the circus. No, seriously, we weren't kidding... G totally goes to circus class and learns cool things like juggling and walking on stilts!

She shared this picture on Instagram and wrote, "AHHH!!! Here's me on top of my circus teacher Rob's shoulders #stilts #artintheafternoon2014." She even shared another pic of herself hula hooping like a total pro!

![G Hannelius Hula Hooping]( "G Hannelius Hula Hooping")

Do you have a cool, hidden talent? Can you juggle like G? Tell us in the comments!

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