This Week on 'G Nails': G Hannelius Shows You How to DIY 'Dog With a Blog' Nails!

Dwab sweety high pic stitch

Sweety High

#Hanneliators, who's ready for a brand new episode of G Nails starring G Hannelius?! We are, we are! (And so are our BFFs at Sweety High, too!)

This week on G Nails, G is bringing you a super special nail art tutorial that's near and dear to her heart: It's a special Dog With a Blog edition. (Last week, G totally schooled you on Shark Week — watch the ep HERE!)

Watch the second episode of G Nails below! Are you going to recreate G's DWAB design? Post it on Instagram using #GNails and we will totally regram you!

To watch all of the episodes of G Nails, check out our YouTube playlist HERE!

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