Get a mani and pedi -- for free!


Hey M girls!

It's finally summer, which means it's time to treat ourselves to a manicure and pedicure! But, what do you do when you are lacking the time and money to pay for professional care? Do it yourself, of course!

Here's what you need: Old newspaper, medium bowl/tub with a few squirts of liquid soap mixed with warm water, towel, lotion, nail file, toe separators, polish remover, cotton balls, clear base coat/ topcoat (or one that works as both), your fave polish color.

10 Simple Steps:

  1. Line the area with newspaper in case of a spill!

  2. Remove old polish from both your fingers and toes with remover & cotton balls.

  3. Using your nail file, shape your nails and toenails to a desired length. Hint: File your nails in one direction rather than back & forth (like a saw!) By sticking with one direction, you save them from becoming jagged, cracked or even broken!

  4. Soak your hands in a bowl (or bathtub) of warm, soapy water. Quick Tip: Soak fingers and toes at the same time!

  5. Dry off with a towel and use the edge of your thumbnail to push back the cuticles on the opposite hand's nails. FYI: A cuticle is the thin lining that forms where the bottom of your nail meets your finger.

  6. Lotion your hands and feet!

  7. Slip on your toe separators (cotton balls work too!).

  8. Use the clear basecoat to paint nails, starting with your pinky (so you don't smudge other nails as you paint) and working your way around to your thumb.

  9. After basecoat dries, apply two coats of your fave summer color! Hint: Make sure you let layers dry in between!

  10. Remember to end with a clear topcoat! FYI: Don't you hate when your polish chips?! This clear seal will make your mani look fresher and last longer!

Let's dish: -What summer color are you excited to try?

Photo: Splash News

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