Get all the deets on the "Bring One Direction to the US" newest challenge!


Hey M Girls!

One Direction is ready to come across the pond to the US -- and they just announced their newest challenge to the "Bring One Direction to the US" contest! In this challenge, fans have the chance to get their photo featured in the "Up All Night" Deluxe Yearbook album AND the opportunity to get 1D to visit YOUR city!

Here's what you have to do: -Submit your best 1D fan art HERE!. Tell them what makes your city special in the form of a postcard, a drawing, or a photo.

The city with the most submissions at the end of the challenge will win 100 points (right now, Dallas, TX is in the lead!). As a bonus, 1D will be choosing a selection of photos to be included in their "Up All Night" Deluxe Yearbook.

You can send as many photos as you want and the city that uploads the most images by DECEMBER 17 will win 100 points. Start sending your pics here!

WATCH: One Direction is ready to take over America!

Cool! So let's dish: -Will you submit your photos? How would you react if your city won?

Comment back!

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