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The new issue of ASTROgirl hits stands Monday, and it's got a ton of stuff you need to see. Find out what lies ahead with amazingly accurate predictions that you need to read. Plus, we've got your in-depth horoscope for boys and friends! Just look for the purple background, gold logo and "Your Forecast for Summer Love!"on the cover!

  • Are Justin and Selena Destined to Be Together? + More Star 'Scopes!
  • What Your Kiss Print Predicts!
  • New School Year Fortunes!
  • How to Flirt Using the Secrets of Your Crush's Sign!
  • Win a 1D Prize Pack!
  • Will Your Friendship Last?
  • Mind-Reading Secrets: Find Out What He's Really Thinking!
  • Austin Exclusive: "My House Was Haunted!"
  • Quiz: What Fantasy Heroine Are You?
  • BONUS Pull-Out Daily Summer 'Scopes Guide!

ASTROgirl is the #1 astrological mag for teens, with multiple pages for every sign that predict how things will go with boys, friends, fam and at school next year. Plus, you'll get your style scope, astro profile and your crush's horoscope.

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