Grammy Fashion: Best and Worst Dressed Stars


Hey M Girls!

Did you watch the Grammys last night? Our fave part of the evening is always checking out what the stars are rockin' on the red carpet. Last night there were some definite hits and misses. Here's what we thought of Grammy 2010 fashion:


Taylor didn't veer too far from her comfort zone (she loves wearing sparkles on the red carpet), but this electric blue made her really stand out at the awards.

Fergie does "the mini dress" to perfection. Plus, her tan is total bronze goddess, not orange Oompa Loompa.

Miley has this red carpet thing DOWN. Loving that teal on her, and the shoes are ferosh.

Justin looked both dressy and comfy at the ceremony. We think it's great that he stayed true to his unique style on the red carpet.


Rihanna's known for taking fashion risks, but this dress just looks like she took a dip in a cotton candy machine before walking the red carpet. (On a sidenote: I REALLY want some cotton candy now! LOL!)

Loving the sparkle flowers on Katy's dress. Not loving how the beige color washes out her pale skin.

Sorry, Ciara, but it looks like your coat is eating you!

I want to like Beyonce's dress, but something just seems off about it.


She's really a category all her own!!!!

So M Girls, let's dish: What did you think of the fashions last night. Comment back with your thoughts!

Photos: Kyle Rover/ Startraks Photo

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