Gregg Sulkin dishes about 'Wizards of Waverly Place'!


Hey M Girls!

We've got some Wizards of Waverly Place updates for you! Gregg Sulkin recently spilled some deets about the upcoming TV special and what he said made us even more excited to see the flick! Check out his comments below:

"Alex is involved in some sort of spell that makes two Alexes. My character has got more masculine and more English. All of the characters have just grown up. I mean you saw Jake when he was 12 I think and now he's this 17 years old stud! The first day on set felt like we'd been on a really long hiatus. It had been over a year since we finished the show, but looking back on it, it felt like 2 weeks. The friendships are so strong and the dynamics are so strong between everyone that it was just a pleasure to slip the shoes back on and get back into it."

So let's dish: Are you excited for the Wizards movie? Who is your fave character?

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