Happy 18th Birthday, Justin Bieber!


Hey M Girls!

Justin Bieber turns 18 years old today -- March 1! It seems like yesterday that just a regular teen was posting videos to YouTube under the username, "KidRauhl", and now Justin is one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. To celebrate this special day, we made a list of 18 things we totally love about Justin. Click "Read More" to check them out!

1) The YouTube vid that started it all! On January 19, 2007, Justin posted this cover of "So Sick" by Ne-Yo from a local singing competition, and his life changed forever!

2) JB posted this adorable photo to his Instagram with the caption: "Haven't changed one bit" -- aww! We still can't believe he's already 18!


3) Family always comes first for Justin! That's why we LOVE this photo he posted with his half-siblings Jazzy and Jaxon. What a great older brother!


4) M Magazine photo shoot flashback! Justin shows off his sporty side while hangin' with us.

5) Biebs proved that he can rap as well as sing -- awesome job JB!

6) Justin's a total prankster: Part 1 -- JB shocks fans at a Proactiv photo shoot.

7) Justin's a total prankster: Part 2 -- JB calls up a hair salon with hilarious results.

8) ...And speaking of his sense of humor, who can forget this LOL-worthy commercial for his Someday perfume?!

9) You see, Justin is such a great guy because he knows how to laugh, but he also has a he-uge heart. Remember when he surprised an underprivileged school on The Ellen Show? Too sweet!

10) Or, how about when he recently reached out to a sick fan who called herself Mrs. Bieber? Does he get any sweeter?!

11) But let's not forget about another girl in Justin's life -- his GF, Selena Gomez! When Justin posted this picture of them on vacay together and wrote, "2 much fun" it was totally clear that their love is the real deal:


12) Justin proves to Selena (and the rest of the world!) that he's the BEST BOYFRIEND EVER on a daily basis. We loved when he helped her out with her dress' train on the AMAs red carpet.

13)...And when he planned a super-romantic movie date just for him and Sel!

14)...And when he admitted that Selena has "kissable cheeks"!

15) Justin's not only a good BF, but also an awesome friend. We adore his cute friendship with singer Jaden Smith!

16) He has so many pals, and you can tell that they're just regular people from their music video to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe".

17) Speaking of Carly Rae, Justin showed off how sweet he is by making another singer's dreams come true!

18) And the 18th (out of about a billion!) reason why we love Justin Bieber is that he truly loves each and every one of his Beliebers! Justin always makes sure to appreciate his fans, even though he is one of the busiest people in the world.

For those things, and so many more, we wish Justin Bieber a very Happy 18th Birthday! Leave your messages for him below in the comments!

Photos: Startraks and courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram

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