Be Still Our Hearts: Harry Styles Sings a One Direction Song During His 'Today Show' Concert and We're Shook


Solo Harry Styles is in full swing and just this morning, he performed on The Today Show for the very first time without his One Direction bandmates. He of course sang his single "Sign of the Times", as well as two other songs from his upcoming album, but then he decided to throw everyone for a loop. Hazza belted out a tune and Directioner knows: "Stockholm Syndrome," one of the jams from the band's album Four, the last batch of songs made with all five original members.

He came out on stage wearing a flamingo-pink suit, playing the guitar and then he started singing.

It was a magical time to hear just Harry singing this song. And those guitar skills. Magic.

Naturally everyone in the fandom didn't know what to make of this joyous occasion. It was a shock. A delightful one, but still, who saw this coming?!

Truly only something Harry could get away with.

He has always embraced his 1D past and it's proof he isn't ready to ever fully let go of that time in his life. He cares about the band just as much as the fans do.

Harry is forever a prince among us. Now, we dance and be merry and get ready for this new era. A sign of the time it is indeed.

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