Harry Styles Touches A Special Directioner's Heart



As if you needed another reason to love Harry Styles, the One Direction heartthrob has probed his heart is as beautiful as his hair (and his eyes, and his dimples and his smile and ...).

Hazza got wind that a Directioner named Mackenzie Furniss was going through chemotherapy for cancer, and Mackenzie posted a video on YouTube saying how much she loves 1D.

Harry reached out to Mackenzie's dad on Twitter to send well wishes to their family, most of all to Mackenzie:

How awesome is that? Big props to Hazza for spreading so much love ... even though Mackenzie's favorite member of One Direction is actually Zayn Malik! (Maybe she's changed her mind since then!) Check out Mackenzie's adorable video below.

Who's your favorite member of One Direction? Tell us -- and leave well wishes for Mackenzie -- in the comments!

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