Have you downloaded Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" yet?!


Hey M Girls!

Happy "Boyfriend" Day! If you're like us, you downloaded the newest JB single when it came out at midnight -- we've been listening on repeat all day long! Of course, there's only one girl who can truly call Justin her boyfriend. This morning his super-supportive GF, Selena, tweeted a screen shot of "Boyfriend" in her iTunes and wrote: "Finally ;) Aww, too cute for words!

In case you haven't bought it yet, you can listen up to "Boyfriend" here:

We're loving Justin's brand new sound!

Let's dish: -So whaddaya think, Beliebers -- is "Boyfriend" as amazing as you'd hoped it would be?! Do you like Justin's new sound, or should he go back to his old sound?

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