XOXO: Here's Proof Debby Ryan Is the Proudest Grandma Ever

It wasn't too long ago that Debby Ryan alerted the world to the fact that she was about to become a grandmother. See, Debby is a mom to a lovely cat and her cat ended up having kittens. So now, Debby is officially a grandma to this litter of kittens and she's totally acting like any grandmother would.

Deb is so pumped to show off her little kittens to just about everyone, even her co-workers. And she had a very special visitor too, one of her former co-stars who is still a good friend to this day, Cole Sprouse. And the photos are just as adorable as they sound!

Click through the gallery to see all of Debby's pics of her precious kittens, along with Cole hanging out with them too. Then tell us in the comments section below if you can relate and one of your pets ever welcomed some new little additions to the family!

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