Hot dogs and glitter for Ke$ha wherever she goes!


Hey M Girls!

Tons of stars tend to have a list of what they want waiting for them at an event. Some ask for anything from chopped fruit to helicopters on stand-by. But when Ke$ha attended the 2010 Much Music Awards on June 20, she asked for only a few (random) things!

What exactly did she want waiting for her in her dressing room that day? Glitter, hot dogs, and philosophical books on the origins of species!

The textbooks may seem a little out of the ordinary, but considering Ke$ha got a near to perfect score on her SATs, it's understandable that this pop singer has a demand for things that keep up her high IQ!

Let's dish: -If you were a pop star, what would you ask to have in your dressing room?

Photo: Norman Scott/Startraks Photo

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