Hot Gos: Was Miley's BF Nick Jonas for Halloween?


Hey M Girls!

OMJJJJ! My phone was ringing off the chain this weekend when my spies in LA saw Miley's BF, Justin, dressed up in a costume that looked like Nick Jonas for Halloween! At first I was all like, "No way -- this can't be true!" But then I saw this picture and my jaw dropped to the floor! (Justin's the guy on the right!)

Justin took Miley's little sis, Noah, trick-or-treating with Sam, who's Miley big sis Brandi's boyfriend. Sam was also dressed up as a Jonas Bro! Isn't that ker-azzy?! (Psst! Miley wasn't with the boys because she's still busy promoting her CD in Europe.)

The two boys even put on a fake concert in their driveway while giving out candy to trick-or-treaters! Wow!

Let's dish: -What do YOU think about Justin's "Nick" costume?

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xoxo, Kim


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