Hot new artists: The PreZcotts visit the M office!


Hey M Girls,

We had a total blast when up-and-coming band, The PreZcotts came to visit us at the M office! MaRiah, AnaLeyna, ChaLyn and RaNelle PreZcott are four sisters who love to harmonize together. We got to know the girls, and they even performed a special song just for M girls!

Check out their performance here:

Here's our Q&A with The PreZcotts, where they gave us deets about their album, good advice and more:

M: When did you girls start singing together?

AnaLeyna: Well, our mom was a worship leader at church and she taught us how to harmonize. We've been harmonizing since Mariah was three years old. So here's an eight, six, five, and three years old harmonizing together and literally sounding like Alvin and the Chipmunks. People were just blown away! We've been singing together for almost 11 years now!

M: Who is your musical inspiration?

AnaLeyna: For me, Alicia Keys because we have the same type of style when writing songs. She plays the piano and I play the piano, I just can't read notes.

M: Do you have any advice for somebody who wants to break into the business?

AnaLeyna: Don't be shy. If somebody wants to see your talent, then show him or her because every time you don't, it just stops an opportunity. You can't be shy. If you have a gift, you have to share it because it's not going to be worth anything if you keep it all inside.

M: Give us all the scoop on your album!

AnaLeyna: It's a variety of music that anybody can listen to and like it. The message of the album is "anti-bullying". It's really important to us to get that message out there and inspire people.

If you love what you heard, pick up The PreZcotts' debut CD, "Gossip" -- it smells like strawberries! Yum!

Let's dish: -What do you think of The PreZcotts? Who are your fave artists?

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