ADVICE: How Ed Sheeran Deals With Being Called "Chubby"


Getty Images

He has sold millions of albums and gets to tour around the country with his musical bestie Taylor Swift. But success didn't come easily for Ed Sheeran. The super talented British singer actually faced a lot of rejection before he made it big — and all because of the way he looks!

“Every single label I had gone to at the time had told me that ["Give Me Love"] wasn’t a hit," he explained in a recent interview with SB.TV. "They said this song wouldn’t work."

“And the fact that I was slightly chubby and ginger was not a good 'marketing tool' for them," he continued. "So it did definitely feel like it wasn’t going to happen. But being an individual makes you stand out from the crowd.”

His advice for dealing with rejection? Don't get discouraged! Ignore the haters, and never ever give up!

"If you want something so badly go out there and grab, just keep on doing it – because there are people out there who do want it just as much as you do... so it’s just as important to keep pushing yourself and working at it."

Have you ever felt rejected because of the way you look? How did you deal?

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