How Starstruck Are You?


Hey M Girls!

Disney Channel's original movie, Starstruck, premiered on Valentine's Day, and everyone at M was so excited to watch it! We weren't the only ones super excited; there were 6 million total viewers on Sunday!

Danielle Campbell and Sterling Knight were such an adorable pair in the movie! This was Danielle's first main role, and her acting was definitely impressive. You can check out more about Danielle inside the issue of M on stands now, on the "Who's Hot for 2010!" page!

Let's dish: -Were you one of the 6 million people watching the movie this weekend? What did you think of it? Do you like Sterling even more now?

Leave us your comments, and don't forget to read in M why Starstruck was the Editor's Pick!

XOXO, M Intern Kelsey

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