How YOU can chat with Justin Bieber after his Boyfriend vid premieres tonight!


Hey M Girls!

Today is the day we've been counting down to for days, weeks, months and years (well, maybe not years LOL!) -- the release of Justin's "Boyfriend" vid! We've seen so many clips of the highly anticipated vid, and it's finally time to see the whole entire thing. "Boyfriend" premieres TONIGHT on MTV at 7:50pm!

But that's not all -- Justin is treating fans to a 30-minute chat sesh on after the premiere! YOU can get your questions answered by tweeting @MTVnews with the hash tags #MTVFirst or #AskBieber.

If you can't wait until tonight, check out this behind the scenes look at the video:

Let's dish: -Are you excited to see the full "Boyfriend" vid? What would you ask JB if you could?

Photo: Startraks

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