Huge announcement on Good Luck Charlie -- the Duncans are having a baby!


Hey M Girls!

If you tuned into the Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! movie this weekend, then you heard the exciting news: The Duncans are expecting another baby and viewers like YOU can vote for the name of the new baby sister or brother who will debut in an hour-long special in spring 2012!

You can vote now until Jan. 16 at

Here are the names you can vote on: If it's a Boy: Noah, Jonah, Toby, Bobby Jr. and Bo If it's a Girl: Sydney, Erika, Mallory, Talia and Jenny

So fun! So let's dish: -Did you tune into the Christmas special? Will you vote for the baby name? What name do you hope gets picked?

Comment back!

Photo courtesy Disney Channel

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