iCarly's special episode "iStill Psycho" premieres tomorrow!


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It's almost New Year's Eve!! And that means iCarly has a special surprise for you! Tomorrow night, "iStill Psycho" premieres on Nickelodeon -- it's a continuation of season three's hit episode "iPsycho" where a crazy fan (Nora) traps the iCarly cast in her basement. Well...Nora's back!! Check out the promo below:

M was lucky enough to chat with the iCarly cast about this hilarious episode, and here were some of the highlights:

What was your favorite part of shooting "iStill Psycho?" Jennette: My favorite part of shooting "iStill Pyscho" was the big finale scene. Carly, Sam and Freddie are stuck in Nora's house. We're all locked up and we don't think we'll be able to get out and then some very surprising guests come to save us. There were lots of very involved moves in this scene so we got to work with stunt doubles. It was very intense and that's what made it so fun!

Nathan: Honestly, just being able to go back to Nora's house, because we didn't know that we were going to be doing an episode with this continuation. But then, there was a new set and we couldn't figure out what it was because it was just the walls and no decorations or furniture, and it took us a couple of minutes to figure it out and we realized it was Norah's house! We all freaked out and were like, "No way! This is going to be the new episode?!" And we were very excited to go back to a place that had so many memories for us. It's pretty crazy stuff.

Any bloopers or funny moments from the episode? Jennette: I actually have a personally funny moment happen while shooting this episode. Miranda and I were sitting on the couch during the lunch break. It was late in the afternoon and I hadn't received any texts so I said "Jeez, I am not loved today. No one has sent me a text." Five minutes later I got a text and I was so excited! I opened it and the message was from Miranda. She texted, "Hey loser - LOL!!!" I started cracking up!!! It's so her humor to do something clever like that and it really made me laugh. Thinking about that moment still makes me laugh!

LOL! "iStill Psycho" premieres at 8 PM tomorrow night on Nick!

Let's dish: - Are you excited to watch "iStill Psycho?" What has been YOUR favorite New Year's Eve memory?

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