Is Justin Bieber's number in Diggy's cellphone?


Hey M Girls-

One of our fave new artists here at the mag is "Copy, Paste" singer Diggy Simmons (you might remember him from the MTV show Run's House). We got to hang with Diggy in NYC recently and talked about everything from his new music (the CD is dropping at the end of this year) to his rumored relationship with Jessica Jarrell (they're best friends and nothing more swears Diggy.) Of course, the convo eventually turned to Justin Bieber. Most Bielibers know that Diggy and Justin are tight -- we even ran into Diggy at JB's Never Say Never premiere in New York. So we had to ask, did Justin make the cut on Diggy's cell celeb contact list? Check it our exclusive answer below:

Wow, that's one celeb-packed cell! LOL!

So let's dish: - What do you think of Diggy? Which celeb do you wish was in YOUR cell phone? Comment back!

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