Is Nathan coming back to Allstar Weekend?


Hey M Girls!

All of the Allstar Weekend guys are always so funny and charming when they stop by our office, so we were disappointed to hear the guys would be short a member, Nathan, on their current tour with Selena Gomez & The Scene.

When we recently hung with Cameron, Zach and Michael in NYC, the guys exclusively confided in M about the situation. When asked if fans could expect Nathan to rejoin at some point, Zach replied:"Yep. Basically, where we are right now, ball's in Nathan's court. Nathan's taking a break from the band and uh, we're tryin' to be supportive of him, whatever he decides is up to him, and um, we'll leave it at that. We can't talk about what his situation is; it's kind of his position." With Cameron chiming in, "If he wants people to know, he'll tell people."

And with the ball in Nathan's court, it looks like he might be reaching out. Just yesterday, Cameron's sister, Anna, tweeted that Nathan was at the Quiseng's family business,The Hair Zone, saying:

The tweet left us wondering... will Nathan be back sometime soon!? The guys cleared up the rumors with an official statement, saying:

Hmm... looks like no final decision's been made just yet, but as always, they guys have the fans in mind. We'll keep you posted!

So let's dish: -Do you want to see Zach, Cameron, Michael AND Nathan all back together? Are you planning on picking up ASW's new album, All The Way Sept. 27th?

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