Jackson Guthy's Tips for the Best School Year Ever!

Jackson guthy

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Jackson Guthy first started getting attention for his music on YouTube. Pretty soon, he was on tour with Big Time Rush and Victoria Justice and now he's got a few more shows left on the I Wish tour alongside Fifth Harmony and Cher Lloyd. Jackson recently stopped by M and dished to us his most important advice for having the best school year ever.

"Be yourself and don't try too hard to be someone that you're not," Jackson tells M. "Try making your year better."

Jackson Guthy

What's one sure fire way to nab your crush's attention? Jackson reaveals that less is more! "I don't like girls who wear too much makeup because I think that natural beauty is way better," the singer says. "So don't try too hard to cover yourself up."

What's Jackson's best advice? Stay positive, even on a bad day. "Just try being more positive and try having a better outlook," Jackson tells M. "You only have [a few] years in school with your friends before you go off working. So try to enjoy it while you can!"

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