AWW: Jai Brooks Wishes Ariana Grande "Happy 10 Months"!



Aww! Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks are the couple we love to love! They are so adorable together — from sending each other pics of sloths via Twitter to Ariana actually getting Jai a real sloth for his birthday, they totally break the cute-o-meter!

And now today's their anniversary! Jai posted this pic on Instagram today and took the opportunity to write his girlfriend of 10 months a heartfelt, lovey-dovey, gushy-mushy message.

Jai wrote, "This girl means so much to me. Not many long distance relationships workout, but ours is different. We are not only eachothers boyfriend/girlfriend, we are also eachothers best friends. To still be so in love with eachother even though at times we could be a world apart, really means something." Aww, Jai!

"I am the luckiest guy on this earth and really have found one of a kind. I want you For a long time and I'm so blessed to be apart of your life. Thank you For the life long memories, I love you and happy 10 months... ❤ ps. Sorry this was so mushy". O-M-G! We think Jai wins the best boyfriend award!

Drop a comment below to wish Ariana & Jai a very happy anniversary!

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