Jennifer Stone dishes on the season finale of Wizards of Waverly Place!


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We had the lucky opportunity to hang out with Jennifer Stone from Wizards of Waverly Place last week at Planet Hollywood in New York City. Jennifer was there to donate props from her movie Harriet the Spy, and even donated a copy of the script! We spoke with Jennifer about Wizards ending and she dished about how she and Selena feel about filming the last season:

"It's like high school ending. All my friends back in Texas just went through the whole leaving high school thing and it's a lot like that. It's like I'm graduating high school and going on with the rest of my life. It's been such a big part of my life but it's a very strange thing. Selena and I talked about how we're going to bawl our eyes out."

Aww! But don't worry, we still have a whole new season of Wizards to look forward to! Though Season 3 is coming to a close this Friday, there's plenty more in store for the Russo family during season 4 (which is currently filming). Jennifer gave us some EXCLUSIVE deets about what we can expect from Friday's episode.

Let's Dish: - Are you excited for "Wizards Exposed?" Will you be watching? How do you feel about Wizards ending soon?

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