Joe Jonas opens up about Taylor Swift


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OMG -- as you know, Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift dated back in 2008 and when Joe broke up with Tay in a famous 27-second phone call, Tay was crushed. She has penned songs about her relationship with Joe in tunes like "Forever and Always" and her most recent one, "Last Kiss." Although Tay had started to follow Joe on twitter again, the two haven't been spotted together again.

Well, it seems the two have finally made up..and even Joe is open to hanging out with Taylor! In a radio interview with 1075 The River, a station located in Nashville, they asked Joe about his love for Nashville (where Taylor lives), and Joe said: "I love Nashville, when my brothers and I were really young, we'd go there and write music, it's one of my favorite cities -- I go straight to Pancake Pantry, and clean house." (Taylor has been photographed eating at the Pancake Pantry with her friend Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner, when they dated).

When the radio DJs joked to Joe about needing Taylor to get a good table at the Pancake Pantry, since everyone in Nashville knows her, he laughed and replied: "Hey, I'll have to ask her to come along with me to get a VIP table."

Wowza! So let's dish: -Do you think Joe and Taylor should hang out again? Why or why not?

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