JONAS Countdown: 4 Days!


Hey M Girls!

JONAS is premiering THIS SATURDAY and we're totally psyched! We'll be counting down to the premiere each day until then, so make sure to check back here throughout the week for a cool fact from the show!

Here's your first one: You already know that the Lucas brothers (played by the Jonas Brothers) live in an old firehouse, but did you know that they decorated their firehouse house with REAL photos from their childhood?! Aww! So cute! We can't wait to catch a glimpse of their baby shots!

And what was it like for the boys to go from signing/performing mode to TV camera mode?

"It definitely was weird for us to switch our brains because we're so used to staying up late when we're on stage, and this is kind of like waking up early," Joe spills. "But it was fun. It's been really cool, and it definitely is a big change for us."

Check out this sneak preview of the show:

Let's dish: -Who's baby photo are you dying to see? Kevin, Joe, or Nick's?

Photo courtesy of Disney Channel

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