Hey M Girls!

Our brand new July issue hits stands TODAY and it's jam-packed with tons of juicy info -- New Moon scoop, JB deets, the latest on Taylena, and tons more! The gossip is hotter than ever so let's get straight to it!

-Flirt alert! Selena's super-nervous about this summer. Is Taylor Lautner the reason? Only M has the deets on their secret love connection!

-Wowza -- there's New Moon magic in the air! Why was there amazing electricity between the cast in Vancouver? Get the answer and find out NM secrets you won't hear anywhere else! Plus, only we have the insider deets on how YOU can star in the next Twilight flicks!

-Go Demi! Dem sends a message to online haters to back off her lil' sis. Read all about Demi's personal struggle with mean girls and how she beats nasty gossip!

-Psst! How do your friends REALLY see you? The only way to find out the role you play in your cool clique is by taking this revealing quiz!

-Yikes! What's in store for JB in the love department? M talked to our celeb psychic who spilled the JoBro's love secrets and made juicy predictions (what's really up with Niley?). Plus, we have your chance to win JB tour tickets and a meet-and-greet with the bros! OMJ!

-M takes you inside Miley's super-tight inner circle! Discover why Mi's friends made her a better person and who she goes to for advice, inspiration and for a laugh (hint: one of her closest peeps is Nick!).

-That's not all! Get 6 incredible MEGAS, including a collectible New Moon MEGA that is swoon-worthy, plus an awesome Princess Protection Program collage!

-Get all this (plus tons of cool prizes - a Nickelodeon cruise, PPP clothes, JB signed digi-cam, Selena signed iPod, Demi's signed journal and loads more) in the July issue of M. So look for the magazine with the mint green background and the hot pink M with the words "Top Secret Dating Diaries"!

XOXO, The M Editors

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