Justin Bieber announces next single from Believe, "Die In Your Arms"!


When YOU can listen to JB's next single!

Hey M Girls! It's almost June, which means it's almost time for Believe! Luckily, Beliebers don't have to wait too long to get another sample of Justin Bieber's latest album. The Biebs announced over Twitter that his song, "Die In Your Arms" will be released on iTunes this Tuesday!

We're so excited to hear the romantic tune! Just a few weeks ago, JB released a few lines of the lyrics, "I could just die in your arms / every time you touch me it just feels so right... so baby baby baby please don't stop girl..." Aww -- can't wait until we know all of the lyrics!

Let's dish: -Are you excited to hear "Die In Your Arms" on Tuesday? How do you think the rest of the lyrics will go?

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