Justin Bieber leads "Show Your Hearts" campaign


Hey M girls!

We know Justin Bieber has a big heart, so it totes makes sense he jumped into action when he heard about a recent tragedy in Houston when a serious car accident left three children orphaned and injured. Justin was touched by the event and felt he needed to do something, saying, "It is a really sad story, but this is an opportunity for me and my friends to do something good for others. We can use our influence to do good. We are just doing our part and I hope those kids get something positive out of it."

JB and many of his celeb friends took to twitter encouraging fans to donate to a trust fund established for the victims, and raising awareness for the "Show Your Hearts" campaign by changing their Twitter profile picture in support. We def noticed it yesterday as our newsfeed was filled with celebs sporting the logo as their default, and #Showyourhearts became a trending topic.

All these celebrities and their fans showed their support yesterday raising more than $200,000! You can support the cause by changing your Twitter profile pic and donating here

So let's dish: -Do you think it's totally sweet of Justin to use his celebrity for a good cause? Do you like to get involved in the same causes as your fave celeb?

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