Justin Bieber's "Believe" is available now!


Hey M Girls,

Well, it's finally here -- the album we've all be waiting for since JB was smooching under the mistletoe late last year. Happy Believe Day, M Girls!! That's right, Justin's highly anticipated album is finally available, so if you haven't downloaded it already now's the perf time!

After counting down the final minutes on Twitter, Justin tweeted at midnight: my new album #BELIEVE is finally Out on ITUNES and IN STORES!! Enjoy OUR ALBUM!! thank u That's right -- JB considers Believe to be just as much his Beliebers' album as his own. Love him!

We were lucky enough to listen to the full album one week early! Now that you've gotten a chance to hear the album, read our track by track breakdown again and let us know if you agree!

Let's dish: -Did you buy Believe yet? What's your favorite song on the album? Do you like Justin's new sound?

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