Justin Bieber's Guide To Dealing With Gossip!


Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Justin Bieber has had to deal with a slew of insane rumors this week--whether or not he's back with Selena Gomez, stuff about his driving, and even a new Mariah Yeater situation. It's a wonder the poor guy isn't super stressed! But that's because the Biebs has outlets and pastimes to let out any frustration and can easily let go of all the drama that seems to surround him. Not only has he not commented on any of the nonsense about him lately, he's just enjoying life amid the insanity.

Need proof? We've got it in pics!

Pig out on your favorite meals! They don't call it comfort food for nothin'. (Looking at this delish chicken alfredo is making our mouths water!)

Spend time with your pets! Or, in Justin Bieber's case ... a wild lynx. Here's hoping she was well-trained!

Get musical! Justin is great at expressing himself through songs, whether he's singing, playing guitar or playing piano like he is in this photo.

Pamper yourself! Even Justin (seen here with pal Lil Twist) loves a facial mask.

Veg out! Put on your favorite pajamas, watch your best-loved DVDs or read a book and tune out the world.

Get in touch with nature! Go for a walk outside to clear your head and get some fresh air--or go for a swim if you're near water this gorgeous!

How do you deal with gossip? Tell us in the comments!

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